"Working with Hugo was a joy. His work brings us daily delight; it represents a shared personal vision."
Kay Saatchi, Collector

1 Site meeting

Following an initial meeting and site images Hugo will respond with a document introducing a series of four concepts for the site with computer visualisations. This document requires a prepayment which allows the artist to dedicated time and the client not is not bound to the entire commission in advance.

2 Concept Document

Passion Flower

Africa House

Eucalyptus Tree

Orchid Room

3 Installation

Final artwork will be produced and installed by Hugo with assistants approximatley 5 -10 days.

4 Completion

The original drawings from which the work has been created as well as a Certificate of Authenticity will be provided. Wallpaintings have a template that allows the work to be repainted in a different location if required in the future.