Live Performance
Kensington Olympia 2013

Volition is part of an ongoing project to present classical dance and movement for a wider audience and produce innovative works that open up a dialogue to interpretation. At its core, Volition is the simple act of the artist drawing with pencil on paper as a figure moves in front of them, the resulting marks projected instantaneously onto a large screen. At this point the relationship between mark and movement becomes more complex, transforming into a series of moving psychological diagrams. The drawing explores the dancers movements, temperament and speed whilst in turn the dancer is able to push and pull the artist’s marks.

The symbiotic nature of Volition evolves through a sequence of ‘studies’ – stretch, improvisation, structure and partner – intended to set up different challenges for the participants whilst allowing exploration of the way in which we manipulate our surroundings or the way our surroundings shape us. Through the progression of each sequence, the dancer and artist create an intimate choreography beginning as a pas de deux before evolving to admit the mark itself as an animating and determining influence. Volition is a dialogue between destruction and construction; exploring perceptions of individuality and volition via mark and movement.

Hugo Dalton
Hugo Dalton
Hugo Dalton
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