La Mer

Multiple Video Projection
Trinity Laban London 2017

“My foremost ambition, in music, is to produce something that represents as closely as possible life itself. It is a free art… boundless as the elements, the wind, sky, and sea.” (Claude Debussy)


Debussy often admitted that he loved pictures and paintings as much as he loved music, despite his dislike of being called an impressionist. For him, it was not his main concern to convey the physical impressions of something, but more to capture the character of the image in his mind through sound. He manifested both his sensory approach and his delight to paint in music through an innovative use of texture, harmony and form, and in the way he explored the sonority of the piano. He said, “There is no theory. You merely have to listen”.


Images Tom Mannion

Hugo Dalton
Hugo Dalton